Week of May 23-27

Language Arts: This week we are reading Chapters 3-8 in The Outsiders. These chapter questions will be due on Canvas on Friday, May 27.

Social Studies: Students will learn about the origins and beliefs of Christianity. Both of these assignments will be due on Canvas on Friday, May 27.

Week of May 16-20

Stolen Artwork Article Link: https://theculturetrip.com/europe/articles/13-stunning-artworks-stolen-by-the-nazis/

Reclaiming Nazi-stolen art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sV63ujPUUg

Language Arts: This week we are finishing are Odes to a part of the English language, and Ode Final Drafts are due Wednesday, May 18. We will then start reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, Chapters 1 and 2 due Friday, May 20.

Social Studies: We are studying the origins and beliefs of Judaism, and students will turn in their assignment on Friday, May 20.

Week of May 9-13

Middle School Books about the Holocaust: https://www.slj.com/story/Commemorate-Holocaust-Remembrance-Day-with-this-Booklist-libraries-students https://www.thecuriousreader.in/bookrack/holocaust-books/

Lily Ebert’s Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A3vYk7tWvE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lily_Ebert

Language Arts: As we continue to discuss the English Language as a system, we have been learning Figurative Language, and the students have Figurative Language Slides due on Monday, May 9 on Canvas. Next, we are writing Odes to different aspects of the English language, which is due Wednesday, May 18.

Social Studies: We are finishing up with the Han Dynasty, then starting a unit on Japan.

Week of May 2-6

Terracotta Army Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4c_ADqshdSA&t=4s


Language Arts: We will continue to focus on the parts of speech and how they work together as a smaller system within the whole system of the English language. Parts of Speech Booklet DUE WEDNESDAY. We will then study the smaller system of figurative language.

Social Studies: We will finish looking at the Qin Dynasty in China, with First Emperor of China packets DUE TUESDAY. Then we will study the Han Dynasty in stations, with the Han Dynasty packet DUE FRIDAY.

Week of April 25-29

Stephen Wiltshire Artwork: https://www.stephenwiltshire.co.uk/stephen-wiltshire-city-panorama-drawings

Wiltshire Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2EpmFzG2AM

Language Arts: This week students will learn the Parts of Speech and create a booklet demonstrating their knowledge and application of 8 parts of speech (Booklet Due Friday, April 29th).

Social Studies: We will continue our China unit by studying the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, of the Qin Dynasty (221–206 BCE).

Week of April 18-22

Language Arts: Students will be taking the OSAS all week for Reading and Writing. This includes multiple choice for reading comprehension and an essay portion for writing.

Social Studies: We will focus on our Bernstein unit by working on our art pieces inspired by The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. Students will work on patterns that work together to show their personality, interests, and overall mood of their artwork.

Week of April 11-15

Artful Learning link: https://www.leonardbernstein.com/artful-learning

Leonard Bernstein Young People’s Concerts: https://youtu.be/_2OisC_XfF4

Jackson Artful Learning video: https://youtu.be/yer34h4d8uc

Language Arts: This week we will start our Bernstein unit on Systems, including learning important parts of the English language, starting with commas! The Comma Practice Packet will be due Friday, April 15th.

Social Studies: Students will work on the three main Chinese philosophies, which are Confucianism, Taoism, and Legalism. The Spiral Notes and Chinese Philsophies Packet are due Friday, April 15th.

Week of April 4-8

Appreciation Padlet for Ms. Nelson and Ms.Brown! https://padlet.com/mventura32/1eiybpubddgyb6h1

What is Art? Video: https://youtu.be/QZQyV9BB50E


Language Arts: This week students will be finishing their Ticket to India Flipbooks, which are due Wednesday, April 6.

Social Studies: Students will begin to learn about the Shang Dynasty though photos of different artifacts. They will keep an Artifact Log of their findings, which is due Wednesday, April 6.

March 28-April 1

Famous Artwork Link: https://www.cnn.com/style/article/most-famous-paintings/index.html

Banksy Auction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkC80in5heU

Why Modern Art is So Expensive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YooFwA7xj18

Language Arts: This week students are working on their Summative Project Flipbooks, which show their understanding of the book Ticket to India. The Flipbook must include each literary element. This is constructed in class, but can also be work on at home. The Flipbook is due Friday, April 1st.

Social Studies: Students will start a new unit on Imperial China, by first examining its geography and how it affects settlement. Students will work in groups of 3 and 4 to construct a poster that demonstrates their knowledge of China’s physical features, vegetation, and climate. China Geography group posters and packets are due Friday, April 1st. All work will be graded individually, not as a group.

Week of March 14-18

Language Arts: This week students will continue to read Ticket to India and complete the comprehension questions, mapping, and sketches. We are planning on finishing the book. If needed, students can check out a book from me if they need to read over the break. Ticket to India Chapters 18-Epilogue is due Friday, March 18.

Social Studies: We will finish our Mandalas and paragraphs on Monday and Tuesday (due Tuesday, March 15), then begin our China unit with a China Geography Poster that we will begin before break and complete after we return to school.

Week of March 7-11

Link to Buddhist sand mandala art video: https://youtu.be/_au5RCor55M

Language Arts: Students will continue reading Ticket to India and working on the questions, sketches, and mapping. Students should complete their reading for Chapters 12-17 this week and submit their questions into Canvas on Friday, March 11.

Social Studies: We will complete a summative project by creating mandalas that represent Hindu gods/beliefs, as well as personal beliefs and culture. Students will draw their mandalas using only art and symbolism, and also write explanations of each symbol. Mandalas are due Friday, March 18.

Hindu sri yantra mandala, representing the evolution of the universe

Mandala of Amitayus, Tibet, 19th century, Rubin Museum of Art
Buddhist mandala, represents an ideal universe, used in meditation

Week of February 28-March 4

Creative Sculpture Links! https://www.boredpanda.com/amazing-sculptures/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic


Language Arts: Students will focus on Ticket to India Chapters 6-11, and will turn in their responses on Friday.

Social Studies: We will study the religion and history of Hinduism, with an assignment due on Thursday, and a quiz on Friday.



February 22-25

Titus Kaphar link: https://www.kapharstudio.com/

Tallest statues in the world: https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2018/10/photos-15-tallest-statues-world/574531/

Language Arts: This week students will continue reading Ticket to India. The Prologue-Chapter 5 will be due Friday, February 25. Students need to submit their responses on Canvas, and also turn in the hard copies of their maps and sketches.

Social Studies: We will an overview about the religion of Buddhism this week. Students will turn in a Buddhism assignment on Thursday, February 24. Students will also take a quiz on some of the history and basic beliefs of Buddhism on Friday, February 25.

Week of February 14-18

Help support Sabina McMahon by buying socks in front of the school, or purchasing T-shirts online: http://bit.ly/TeamSabina

Your money helps to fund childhood cancer research!

N.H. Senzai website: http://www.nhsenzai.com/

Kehinde Wiley link: https://www.brooklynmuseum.org/exhibitions/kehinde_wiley_new_republic/


Language Arts: Student will complete the revisions and edits for their Biography Final Drafts to turn them in on Tuesday, February 15. Then we will begin reading the novel Ticket to India by N.H. Senzai.

Social Studies: Students will show what they have learned about the Mauryan and Gupta empires by creating a book on Bookcreator. This book will focus on a timeline of the two empires. The Ancient India Timeline Book is due Friday, February 25.

Week of February 7-11

Details about The Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles (painting above): https://philamuseum.org/collection/object/90056

Faith Ringgold website: https://www.faithringgold.com/

Language Arts: Students will continue working on their Biography Research Papers this week, by focusing on paragraphs 3-5, and making sure to have a formatted Bibliography. Paragraphs 3-5 are due Friday, February 11 (in class).

Social Studies: Students will focus on India’s geography in an in-depth way, looking at how it affects civilization. They will also look at the The Age of the Guptas, an empire in India known for its Golden Age. The India Geography and Age of the Guptas and both due Friday, February 11.

Week of January 31-February 4

Link to more Calvin and Hobbes cartoons: https://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2022/01/24

Language Arts: This week, students are starting to write the first two paragraphs of their Biography Research Papers. These two paragraphs are due Friday, February 4 (working on this assignment in class).

Social Studies: We are beginning our India Unit, which will includes studies on Buddhism and Hinduism. This week, we will focus on India Geography, and the first empires with Ashoka and the Mauryan Empire. On Friday, February 4, these three assignments will be due (working on them in class).

January 10-14



Cool Floating Crosswalk Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1SQcXhqefs

Language Arts: Students will finish their Malala Poems for Tuesday, January 11. Then, we will choose our topics and write a rough Thesis Statement for the Biography Research Paper. These are both due on Monday, January 17. Reading Log #3 is due on Tuesday, January 18 (on Canvas, at home). The orange Reading Log packet must also be signed by a parent/guardian for reading time.

Social Studies: We will study the origin and spread of Islam this week, which will be due Friday, January 14 (on Canvas, in class).

ALL assignments are located on Canvas, and if you have any questions, please email me at ktimmons@pps.net.

Week of January 3-7

Edgar Mueller artwork link: https://www.zimbio.com/Edgar+Mueller/articles/2/Edgar+Mueller+Amazing+3D+Sidewalk+Paintings

Another cool 3D street artist to check out, 1010: https://www.muralsinthemarket.com/1010

Language Arts: This week students have Reading Log #3 to begin, and to read at home for the next two weeks. Reading Log #3 is due Friday, January 14 (homework). Students will also be working on a Malala Poem as they read the last section of their books this week. The Malala Poem is due Tuesday, January 11 (at home/in class). Both assignments are located on Canvas.

Social Studies: Students will be working on two assignments this week as we begin our unit on Islam. The first is the Arabian Peninsula Geography Challenge (in class), and Current Event #3 (in class/at home). These assignments can be found on Canvas as well.

Week of December 13-17

More Su Blackwell art: https://www.sublackwell.co.uk/fineartportfolio/

Language Arts: Students will be working on their Malala posters in class, and using the facts and quotes they collected to summarize their findings. This project is a summative grade for Quarter 2. Malala posters are due Friday, December 17.

Social Studies: Students will create a summative Slideshow Project for highlights of what they have learned about the West African Kingdoms. This slideshow project is due Friday, December 17, and students will present their slides on Thursday and Friday.

Malala with her family in 2018 visiting their former Mingora home. Her family members are (right to left): Khushal, Tor Pekai, Ziauddin, Atal.
Malala on her wedding day, November 10, 2021, with her father, husband Asser Malik, and her mother.

Week of December 6-10

Reminder: ALL late work and regrades are due Wednesday, December 8th by 4:00 p.m. for Quarter 2 Progress Reports

Language Arts: This week students will begin the next section (Weeks 3 and 4) of reading in their Malala books. Please see the Malala Information menu option on this website to know which chapters should be read this week. This will be done mostly in class, but students are allowed to take books home if needed. For their reading section, they need to record facts and quotes that will be used on their Malala Scrapbook Poster Project. This project is located on Canvas and will be due next Friday, December 17.

Social Studies: This week we are learning about the Influence of Islam on Africa, as well as the legacy of West Africa culture. Students have an Influence of Islam/African Culture assignment on a blue packet that is in-class, which is located on Canvas and due this Friday, December 10.

Some of the musical instruments used in West Africa:

AFRICAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Brochure | PDF | Musical Instruments | String  Instruments

Conference Re-Cap

Just wanted to say it was a pleasure to talk to many families during conferences, and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet with me!

Overall, I feel students are working hard and making progress in reading and writing. There are a few goals I can see for students as well:

  1. Reading at least 30 minutes a night, or what can be fit into schedule
  2. Thinking ahead to the biography research paper, and looking for some possibilities of the person they would like to write about (this paper is in January)
  3. Communicating with me in class or by email about any assignments they have questions about

Once again, in general I am pleased with the work students are doing, and I am looking forward to continued academic growth! –Kirsten

Week of November 29-December 3

Language Arts: Students will be working on Week 2 assignments for their Malala readings. This is mostly in-class, but students can take home their books as needed to complete the reading and materials.

Social Studies: We will be studying West African kingdoms, including Ghana, Mali and Songhai. This will include taking a look at trade as well as the spread of Islam to West Africa.


–Friday, December 3: Malala Week 2 Packet (in-class/at home)

–Friday, December 3: Mansa Musa Video Questions & West African Kingdoms Graphic Organizer (in-class)

See you at conferences!

I am looking forward to meeting with all of you either on Monday, November 22nd or Tuesday, November 23rd. We will be discussing your child’s progress in reading and writing, reviewing grades for second quarter so far, and setting goals for the rest of the year. Of course, any questions or issues you would like to discuss will be part of the conversation as well.

If your child can participate in the virtual meet with us, that would be preferable because I would like them to be involved in the reflection process and setting of education goals.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for a virtual conference yet, here is the website link to sign up for a Google Meet: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4bafa922a5ffc70-mstimmons

See you soon!
–Kirsten Timmons

Week of November 8-12

Form to see counselor: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfQSnheKQ8-nO6eJ2M5u0rs-x9LyCE6ZAWXKeDS7FH7WIZYkw/viewform

Timmons’ Pre-Conference Student Survey: https://forms.gle/wb4DJSs4dekoJZQj8

Language Arts: This week, students will polish their Narrative Final Drafts for publication into our class’ story anthology. They will include “About the Author” and color images to add to their stories.

Social Studies: Students will learn about Egypt’s social pyramid. They will complete several pages in the yellow Africa booklet, which are pictured in the Canvas assignment.


–Monday, November 8: Narrative Revising/Editing Due (in Canvas–in class/at home)

–Wednesday, November 10: Final Drafts Due (in Canvas–in class/at home)

–Wednesday, November 10: Egypt’s Social Structure Due (yellow Africa booklet pages–in class)

–Thursday, November 11 and Friday, November 12: No School

Past Class Anthology Books:

Week of November 1-5

For writing other words besides “said”–remember to fit the story and the emotion!


Student Survey (for in class): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSePlJdg485NsdoTX1iN3T9M_0xW-WNXzpn4_BY0NPH6FXt7pw/viewform

Language Arts: This week, students will focus on revising and editing their narrative rough drafts. They will have a checklist to follow, and will need to edit on their own and with a partner. It is okay to have a parent help with revising and editing at home. This assignment is revised in Canvas under the Narrative Rough Draft assignment.

Social Studies: Students will choose an article about what is happening in the world for their Current Event #2. They will need to type a paragraph summary and paragraph opinion into the Canvas assignment. I am asking students to try to avoid articles about sports and entertainment.


  • Wednesday, November 3: ALL late work and regrades DUE by 11:59 p.m.
  • Thursday, November 4: Current Event #2 DUE (for Quarter 2 grade)
  • Monday, November 8: Narrative Revising & Editing DUE

Student-accessible news websites: https://www.commonsense.org/education/top-picks/best-news-websites-for-students

4IR Study

ANNOUNCEMENT! Calling all Timmons’ students: The Annual Cover Art Contest starts today and the deadline is Wednesday, November 10th at 9 a.m. Each class will vote on 1st place (cover), 2nd and 3rd places (inside the book).

The requirements are as follows:

  • Includes: Ms. Timmons’ 7th Grade Classes

  • Includes: Fall 2021

  • Creative title

  • Artistic images/abstracts

  • Computer or hand-drawn art

  • Portrait layout, 8.5 x 11″

  • School appropriate

  • On paper or Google doc emailed to me at ktimmons@pps.net

  • Do NOT include licensed images

Week of October 11-15

Language Arts: This week, students will get Reading Log #2 (bright blue packet), and they will also finish reading Facing the Lion and their journals.

Social Studies: Students will turn in Summative Projects for Sumer and Mesopotamia on Monday, and then we will start studying Egypt!


Team Scavenger Hunt Questions:

  1. What geographic features led to the development of the early Egyptian civilization? 
  2. Geographically, what is the Location of Egypt? Describe where it is both physically and politically (think what it is next to, who it is next too, what oceans/seas does it border, what continent, etc.)
  3. What other countries border Egypt?
  4. How long are Egypt’s coast lines combined? 
  5. What is the climate like in Egypt? 
  6. What is the terrain of Egypt like? 
  7. What is Egypt’s highest point? It’s lowest?  
  8. What are some natural resources that can be found in Egypt? 
  9. How much land is Irrigated in Egypt? 
  10. What do you think irrigated land means? 
  11. What languages are spoken in modern day Egypt? 
  12.  What religions are practiced in modern day Egypt? 
  13. What is the population of Egypt? 
  14. What is the capital of Egypt? 
  15.  What are Egypt’s TWO LARGEST cities? 
  16.  When did Egypt receive its independence from Great Britain? 
  17.  When did Ancient Egypt first unite into a single political state? 
  18.  Name the TWO national symbols of Egypt. What are their national colors? 
  19.  Describe the Egyptian Flag? 
  20. Look through the pictures provided by the World Fact Book and answer the following questions:
    1. Egypt has the last wonder from the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. What is it? Where is it located?
    2. What is the most common form of transportation along the Nile? Describe it. 
    3. What is the monument that has a human like face, body of a lion, and is carved from a single mass of stone? 
    4. What is the name of the Dam that creates Lake Nasser? 
    5. Why was this Dam created? 
    6. What is the name of the Peninsula on the eastern side of Egypt? What bodies of water does it border? 
    7. What two bodies of water does the Suez Canal connect? 


–Monday, October 11: Sumer and Mesopotamia Summative Assessment (at home over the weekend, if needed)

–Friday, October 15: All Facing the Lion Journals Due (in class)

–Friday, October 15: Egypt Geography and Settlement pages (yellow Africa booklet, in class)

–Monday, October 25: Reading Log #2 (bright blue packet, at home)

Week of October 4-7

Language Arts: We are getting back in to Facing the Lion and completing journals for each chapter. We also will have discussions about what we have read.

The author of Facing the Lion, Joseph Lemasolai Lekuton

Social Studies: This week, students will complete a summative project to show what they have learned about Sumer and Mesopotamia. The directions are on Canvas, and students will turn in items both online and hard copy. Students can only use their class packets to help them; however, students can get help from others for editing.


Monday, October 4: Mesopotamia Packet (green packet, now homework)

Thursday, October 7: Facing the Lion Journals #4-8 (in spirals, in class)

Thursday, October 7: Summative Project for Sumer and Mesopotamia (in class)

Week of September 13-17

This is an exciting week because we are starting our Africa unit! We are reading Facing the Lion by Joseph Lekuton, a memoir about his life growing up on the Kenyan savanna. Students will complete journals and hold discussions as we read the book.

Students are also analyzing the different aspects of Africa’s geography and completing a map and questions about the continent.

Finally, students will have their first Reading Log to complete at home, using an independently chosen book (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, graphic novel, short stories, etc.).

I am impressed so far with the attitude and work of the students so far! I look forward to the week ahead!


Due Dates:

–September 17: Africa Map (in class)

-September 28: Reading Log #1 (at home)

Welcome Back!

I am thrilled to be back in the building to see all of my new 7th grade students! I have many challenging, yet rewarding activities in store for us this year, and I know this will be an amazing and memorable time for all of us. This year, we will read inspirational stories, write own own narratives and research essays, and create projects that reveal the lives and times of ancient and medieval peoples.

This is also a year to not only study our academics, but to adjust once again to school days in the building. This means showing kindness towards others, managing our time and materials, and taking time to enjoy the company of our friends and teachers!

If you ever need anything during this time of many transitions, please let me know. I am here for you!


Kirsten Timmons

7th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies

Artful Learning Coordinator