Ms Timmons’ Class: Week of January 17-20

The mural above is located in Portland, on Northeast Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. The artist, Christian Grijalva, who created the mural in 2020, stated, “I want them to be inspired, I want them to know that through art, that’s also a way of protest,” he said. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. slideshow and video:

ALL WORK for 2nd QUARTER is DUE TUESDAY, JANUARY 24th by 4:00 p.m.!!!

Happy New Year from Ms. Timmons!

For more information on the image above: 2022 Recap:

For the week of January 3-6: We are starting to learn about the history and belief system of Hinduism (Hinduism Assignment due Friday, January 6). In Language Arts, students are reading I am Malala, and creating an evidence board of quotes to prepare them for writing a paper on Malala. Related article and news video:

Here are the Oregon Battle of the Books for this year! Any student can participate in the Battle of the Books competition, and the first Jackson competition is February 15th! Also, I have all of these books in the classroom, if students would just like to read the books without competing!

Ms. Timmons’ Classes Week of December 12-16

Cover Art Submissions Due Wednesday, December 14 by 4 p.m.!!! Artwork must be 8.5 x 11, colorful, with an original title, Ms. Timmon’s 7th Grade Classes, 2022-23, and can be turned in digitally or by paper.

Four possible articles for Current Event #3 (Due Friday, December 16):

1) Florida Teacher Accuses Muslim Students of “Magic”

2) Iran’s Morality Police and Hijab Law

3) Possible Controversial Homelessness Law in State of New York

4) Supreme Court Examines Businesses’ Right to Deny Services to the Gay Community

Ms. Timmons’ Class Week of December 5-9

Student Survey:

This week, we are taking our narrative/imaginative stories to the final draft level and preparing to send them in for publication! Also, students can add photos and artwork to their stories! In Social Studies, we are continuing our study of Islam, and students will create a hands-on project to show their understanding.

Possible news articles for Current Event #3 (Due December 16):

If students are interested, they can participate in the Artwork Cover Contest for our book! It must be: 8.5 x 11, portrait orientation, colorful, can be digital or by hand, include….Ms. Timmon’s 7th Grade Classes, Jackson Middle School, 2022-23, and an original/appropriate title. All submissions can be emailed to or handed to me in class. ALL submissions are due by Wednesday, December 14 by 4 p.m. There will be prizes for the top 3 artists voted for in EACH class, including a $10 Starbucks gift card and full-size candy!

DUE TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6th: ALL LATE WORK for Progress Reports by 4:00 p.m. DUE WEDS., DECEMBER 7th: Origins of Islam Assignment DUE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9th: Narrative/Imaginative Stories

Islamic Conquests in the 7th-9th Centuries (Illustration) - World History  Encyclopedia

Week of November 28-December 2

I would like to extend an enormous thank you to all families who met with me on November 21st and 22nd. I appreciate your time, feedback, and support! Also, if you were unable to meet with me during those two days, I am happy to schedule meetings with families at 8:30 a.m. or 4:00 p.m. most days. Just email me at Thank you again! –Kirsten

This school week, students will be taking a Judaism Quiz on Tuesday, and then we will start learning about the history and beliefs of Islam. We will also start working on revising and editing our narratives or imaginative stories both in class and at home. Students should also be working at home on their reading minutes and typing two responses on Canvas.

DUE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2nd: Narrative/Imaginative Revisions and Edits (blue packetboth in-class/at home), Reading Log #2 (orange packet–in class/at home)

2nd Quarter PROGRESS REPORTS are Thursday, December 8th. ALL WORK IS DUE Tuesday, December 6th at 4:00 p.m.

The Week of November 14-18 in Ms. Timmons’ Class!

The original Beth Israel synagogue from a postcard depicting the temple in 1889. It was located at SW 12th & Main Street until an arsonist set fire to the synagogue on December 29, 1923. The Flanders synagogue location was dedicated in April 1928.

This week, we will continue our study of Jewish history and faith in Social Studies. Students will also work on their narrative or imaginative stories, focusing on rough drafts that include a story arc (rising action, climax and resolution).

CONFERENCES! You can sign up for conferences (Monday, November 21 OR Tuesday, November 22) on the JagWire email (if you need to subscribe, see information below at


  • Narrative Rough Draft (in class/at home)
  • Pre-Conference Reflection & Goal Setting Form (in class)
  • Judaism Beliefs (in class)

Ms. Timmon’s Classes: November 7-10

This week we will start studying Judaism, one of the five religion histories we will focus on this year. We will begin with the origins of Judaism.

In Language Arts, students will complete their Facing the Lion projects in class and begin work on their narrative or imaginative papers. These papers will eventually be revised and edited by students to publish in our class anthology.

DUE MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7: West African Kingdoms Slideshow (in class)

DUE THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10: Facing the Lion Project (in class), Origins of Judaism Packet (in class)

The Week of October 31-November 3 in Ms. Timmons’ Classes!

This week, we will be working on our Facing the Lion Projects, which are due for Quarter 2 on November 10th.

In Social Studies, students will focus on comparing Ghana, Mali, and Songhai and create a West African Kingdoms slideshow, which is also due for Quarter 2 on November 3rd.


DUE THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd: West African Slideshow (in class, on Canvas)–(this grade is for 2nd Quarter)

Three of the World's Most Influential Empires: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai -  America's Black Holocaust Museum
This video tells the true story of the libraries of Timbuktu.

News article that describes the fight to keep Timbuktu manuscripts alive:

This video captures the importance of beadwork in the Maasai culture of east Africa.

This Week in Ms. Timmons’ Classes!

This week, we will be taking our MAPS test for reading comprehension, as well as starting our unit on West African Kingdoms!

DUE Thursday, October 13: *Mini-Comic Book (in class/at home) *Current Event #2 (in class/at home) *West African Kingdoms Packet (in class)

In the above pictures, we are working on our mural and mini-comic books with Laura Lee Gulledge, and also on our Egyptian burial chambers!

Students: please complete feedback form for Laura Lee Gulledge:

Welcome to Ms. Timmons’ Language Arts and Social Studies Class!

Featured above is our visiting artist, Laura Lee Gulledge, who will be working with ALL 7th grade students this week on a mural and mini-comic books! She is a talented artist and graphic novelist who has worked with several schools, and Jackson is excited to host her this week!

Here are Laura’s books!

We will also be continuing Facing the Lion, Chapters 3-5, and complete notes and journals for those chapters in class. In Social Studies, students will be working on their pharaoh burial chambers and turning them in on Friday—pictures will be posted next week!

It was amazing to see so many of you at Back to School Night! After 22 years of teaching, it was one of the best attended evenings, and it really inspired me! I am looking forward to a productive and creative year with your children!


*Friday, October 7: Reading Log (orange packet due–in class AND at home)

*Friday, October 7: Pharaoh Burial Tomb (in class)

Laura Lee Gulledge’s work with another middle school:

Time lapse mural coloring process:

Time lapse of mural installation: