Week of October 25-29

Language Arts: We are beginning work on our own narratives. This is the students’ first major paper, and will focus on a snapshot of an event in their lives. This week we will brainstorm, work on a graphic organizer, and write a rough draft!

Social Studies: Students will work this week on constructing this pharaoh pyramids and creating the final draft of all of their research information onto their pyramids!


  • Monday, October 25: Reading Log #2 (bright blue packet, at home)

  • Friday, October 29: Pharaoh Pyramid Project (in class)

  • Friday, October 29: Narrative Rough Draft (in class/at home)

  • Wednesday, November 3: ALL LATE WORK and REGRADES DUE by 11:59 p.m.

  • Thursday, November 4: Last Day of Quarter 1

  • Friday, November 5: No School, Teacher Planning Day

File:Osiride pillar of king Senusret I.jpg - Wikimedia Commons Sensuret I  Ramses II | Biography, Accomplishments, Tomb, Mummy, Death, & Facts | BritannicaRamses II

Hatshepsut - Wikipedia Hatshepsut

Khufu Statue - Discover Egypt's Monuments - Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities  Khufu