Conference Re-Cap

Just wanted to say it was a pleasure to talk to many families during conferences, and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet with me!

Overall, I feel students are working hard and making progress in reading and writing. There are a few goals I can see for students as well:

  1. Reading at least 30 minutes a night, or what can be fit into schedule
  2. Thinking ahead to the biography research paper, and looking for some possibilities of the person they would like to write about (this paper is in January)
  3. Communicating with me in class or by email about any assignments they have questions about

Once again, in general I am pleased with the work students are doing, and I am looking forward to continued academic growth! –Kirsten

Week of November 29-December 3

Language Arts: Students will be working on Week 2 assignments for their Malala readings. This is mostly in-class, but students can take home their books as needed to complete the reading and materials.

Social Studies: We will be studying West African kingdoms, including Ghana, Mali and Songhai. This will include taking a look at trade as well as the spread of Islam to West Africa.


–Friday, December 3: Malala Week 2 Packet (in-class/at home)

–Friday, December 3: Mansa Musa Video Questions & West African Kingdoms Graphic Organizer (in-class)

See you at conferences!

I am looking forward to meeting with all of you either on Monday, November 22nd or Tuesday, November 23rd. We will be discussing your child’s progress in reading and writing, reviewing grades for second quarter so far, and setting goals for the rest of the year. Of course, any questions or issues you would like to discuss will be part of the conversation as well.

If your child can participate in the virtual meet with us, that would be preferable because I would like them to be involved in the reflection process and setting of education goals.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for a virtual conference yet, here is the website link to sign up for a Google Meet:

See you soon!
–Kirsten Timmons

Week of November 8-12

Form to see counselor:

Timmons’ Pre-Conference Student Survey:

Language Arts: This week, students will polish their Narrative Final Drafts for publication into our class’ story anthology. They will include “About the Author” and color images to add to their stories.

Social Studies: Students will learn about Egypt’s social pyramid. They will complete several pages in the yellow Africa booklet, which are pictured in the Canvas assignment.


–Monday, November 8: Narrative Revising/Editing Due (in Canvas–in class/at home)

–Wednesday, November 10: Final Drafts Due (in Canvas–in class/at home)

–Wednesday, November 10: Egypt’s Social Structure Due (yellow Africa booklet pages–in class)

–Thursday, November 11 and Friday, November 12: No School

Past Class Anthology Books: