Week of January 3-7

Edgar Mueller artwork link: https://www.zimbio.com/Edgar+Mueller/articles/2/Edgar+Mueller+Amazing+3D+Sidewalk+Paintings

Another cool 3D street artist to check out, 1010: https://www.muralsinthemarket.com/1010

Language Arts: This week students have Reading Log #3 to begin, and to read at home for the next two weeks. Reading Log #3 is due Friday, January 14 (homework). Students will also be working on a Malala Poem as they read the last section of their books this week. The Malala Poem is due Tuesday, January 11 (at home/in class). Both assignments are located on Canvas.

Social Studies: Students will be working on two assignments this week as we begin our unit on Islam. The first is the Arabian Peninsula Geography Challenge (in class), and Current Event #3 (in class/at home). These assignments can be found on Canvas as well.