Week of February 28-March 4

Creative Sculpture Links! https://www.boredpanda.com/amazing-sculptures/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic


Language Arts: Students will focus on Ticket to India Chapters 6-11, and will turn in their responses on Friday.

Social Studies: We will study the religion and history of Hinduism, with an assignment due on Thursday, and a quiz on Friday.



February 22-25

Titus Kaphar link: https://www.kapharstudio.com/

Tallest statues in the world: https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2018/10/photos-15-tallest-statues-world/574531/

Language Arts: This week students will continue reading Ticket to India. The Prologue-Chapter 5 will be due Friday, February 25. Students need to submit their responses on Canvas, and also turn in the hard copies of their maps and sketches.

Social Studies: We will an overview about the religion of Buddhism this week. Students will turn in a Buddhism assignment on Thursday, February 24. Students will also take a quiz on some of the history and basic beliefs of Buddhism on Friday, February 25.

Week of February 14-18

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N.H. Senzai website: http://www.nhsenzai.com/

Kehinde Wiley link: https://www.brooklynmuseum.org/exhibitions/kehinde_wiley_new_republic/


Language Arts: Student will complete the revisions and edits for their Biography Final Drafts to turn them in on Tuesday, February 15. Then we will begin reading the novel Ticket to India by N.H. Senzai.

Social Studies: Students will show what they have learned about the Mauryan and Gupta empires by creating a book on Bookcreator. This book will focus on a timeline of the two empires. The Ancient India Timeline Book is due Friday, February 25.

Week of February 7-11

Details about The Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles (painting above): https://philamuseum.org/collection/object/90056

Faith Ringgold website: https://www.faithringgold.com/

Language Arts: Students will continue working on their Biography Research Papers this week, by focusing on paragraphs 3-5, and making sure to have a formatted Bibliography. Paragraphs 3-5 are due Friday, February 11 (in class).

Social Studies: Students will focus on India’s geography in an in-depth way, looking at how it affects civilization. They will also look at the The Age of the Guptas, an empire in India known for its Golden Age. The India Geography and Age of the Guptas and both due Friday, February 11.