Week of March 7-11

Link to Buddhist sand mandala art video: https://youtu.be/_au5RCor55M

Language Arts: Students will continue reading Ticket to India and working on the questions, sketches, and mapping. Students should complete their reading for Chapters 12-17 this week and submit their questions into Canvas on Friday, March 11.

Social Studies: We will complete a summative project by creating mandalas that represent Hindu gods/beliefs, as well as personal beliefs and culture. Students will draw their mandalas using only art and symbolism, and also write explanations of each symbol. Mandalas are due Friday, March 18.

Hindu sri yantra mandala, representing the evolution of the universe

Mandala of Amitayus, Tibet, 19th century, Rubin Museum of Art
Buddhist mandala, represents an ideal universe, used in meditation