Quarter 3 Novel Projects

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Although time is given in class to complete projects, students are STRONGLY recommended to complete some work at home. Also, most materials are provided in class.

Projects are graded on depth of understanding and thoroughness (quotes/pages to support responses), creativity, effort, and final draft quality. Project point value can be increased with added depth and description, or further evidence from the novel to support responses.

Two elements MUST be demonstrated: 1) A WRITTEN element, and 2) A CREATIVE element.

Students should focus on the following requirements when working on their Novel Project:

  • Be creative
  • Communicate thorough comprehension of the novel(s)’ literary elements
  • Include quotes/page numbers to support their insights
  • Demonstrate final draft quality

Below is a list of possible Novel Project options, as well as the scoring rubric:

  1. _____ Gameboard: A game designed based on your novel, with typed rules, game pieces, and board that all match the setting, theme, characters, and plot of your story.
  2. _____ Detailed Map: A map that features your story’s location(s) and includes at least 5 specific locations with 8-10 sentence descriptions and quotes/pages to match.
  3. _____ Movie Trailer and Script: The script must be 5 pages in length, with 12/14 point font in Arial. The script must also include a significant amount of the novel’s content, such as a chapter, major conflict, or turning point.
  4. _____ Character in a Suitcase/Backpack: Choose a bag/piece of luggage, that your character would use, and fill it with at least 5 items that represent your person. Each item must have a tag attached to it that has an 8-10 sentence paragraph describing the importance to the person, and a quote/page to provide evidence support.
  5. _____ Annotated Timeline: This is timeline of your novel’s events that includes descriptions, pictures, symbols with meanings, and quotes/pages.
  6. _____ Poetry Book: This is written from the perspective of one or more of the characters. Must include at least 10 poems with illustrations, and a quote/page to support each poem. This option can also be done as journal/diary entries.
  7. _____ Novel Playlist: 10 songs that you choose which would best represent the novel as a soundtrack, with an 8-10 sentence description and quote/page to support each song choice. Must include way to access the music.
  8. _____ Poster Collage: Choose images and words to fill a poster board from magazines and the internet (can also draw your own). On the back of the board, type an 8-10 sentence paragraph with a quote/page for 5 of the images, explaining their significance to the story.
  9. _____ Scrapbook: Create 5 detailed scrapbook pages, plus a cover and a Table of Contents page. Your contents pages should include an 8-10 sentence paragraph and quote/page for 1) Main Characters, 2) Plot, 3) Conflict, 4) Resolution, 5) Symbols or Theme. Scrapbook should also include illustrations.
  10. _____ Your idea: If you have a creative idea that you would like to explore, please describe it here, and talk with me for approval:______________________________________
Score Written Content Creative Component Final Draft Quality
5 Project includes strong understanding of novel with quotes/pages provided as support, perhaps not as detailed Includes creative component that is thoughtful and/or colorful with strong effort 0-3 editing errors
4 Project includes adequate understanding of novel with some details, with supportive quotes/pages Includes creative component that may be less thoughtful and/or colorful with a moderate amount of effort 4-5 editing errors
3 Project includes a fair understanding of the novel with few details and few quotes/pages provided Creative component shows less effort, thought and/or color elements 6-7 editing errors
2 Project includes a minimal understanding of the novel with few details, no quotes provided Creative component is minimal or missing 8 or more  editing errors
1 or 0 Missing or incomplete project

Thank you for working with your students at home as well to monitor their progress!